I love pretty much every detail about weddings but I'm here specifically for you and your lover. I want to create some rad art that makes you think back and remember exactly how the lace on your dress felt as the summer breeze blew through it onto your skin. Or how you thought your neck tie was too tight but you were just nervous because you were about to marry the person of your dreams. I'm here for those kinds of memories.

Wedding Packages start at $1800 || Elopements are sweet, please email me for a package suited for you.



My portrait sessions are basically me hanging out with you while you do cool stuff. Whether it's a relaxing day at home or walking through the alleys of Seattle. If you need me to photograph you being a badass doing your craft then I can make that happen. I am also experienced in photographing fast moving tiny humans, so family portraits? I gotcha covered.

Portrait Sessions start at $150