Photo by Andrew Tran

Photo by Andrew Tran


Hey there, I'm Lucy

In my adolescent years I did not like my name. I'm not too sure why. Maybe it was because it had become such an uncommon name at that time and place and I longed so much to fit in.

Growing up wasn't the easiest time for me. I mean is it easy for anyone really? But seriously, I had a unibrow practically since I was in utero and I was stuck in the time of pencil thin eyebrows! Mixed with the general awkward teen stage. Yeah. But looking back, it was some of the best times. With getting older I learned to appreciate myself, I learned to love my name, and I learned to put passion into whatever I am doing and make it my own. I learned to love and be me.

When I am photographing I want a relationship with whatever or who ever I am photographing. It can be you and your significant other or it can be a random wall in a small town. I want you to connect with me not just as your photographer but as a person who can potentially be a friend. My goal is to make you feel comfortable being you.

I will take any projects I can get my hands on but couples and weddings are my jam. I am silly and really random and sometimes wildly inappropriate. If you are looking for a fun time give ya girl a shout.